The University Library

The University Library
The University Library on Flickr.

Doe Library is generally referred to as the main library on campus, though I'm pretty sure most people go to specialized libraries on campus or head to the Main Stacks if they actually need one of those antiquated things we call books.

However, Doe is an excellent place to study with its large reading rooms and has a very cool advantage: There's a bust of Athena of the main entrance here, and according to a legend if you walk under Athena into the library she will bestow all her knowledge on you. BUT, if you walk back under her, she'll take all that wisdom back. :( Fortunately for those of us who like want to believe quirky school legends, there are many entrances and exits for which we try to beat the system!

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Originally Posted:  Feb 20, 2012 at 10:00 am

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