Indecision… on Flickr.

A couple days ago a friend and I decided to head out to Laguna Beach and try some long exposures.

This shot was done as a 3 exposure HDR in Photomatix and a bit of work in Aperture. I love both the B&W and the color version of this image, and while I was playing around with both this crazy idea got stuck in my head and now you see the result. I'm not sure it's my absolute favorite version, but the juxtaposition of colors is keeping eyes and mind on this shot! :)

Tagged:  Laguna  Beach  B&W  black and white  Canon 7D  wide angle  landscape  sunset  beachscape  rocks  water  wet  waves  sand  HDR  HDRI  color  clouds  long exposure  Woods Cove  cycomachead  Michael Ball  Canon  7D 

Originally Posted:  Jan 03, 2012 at 07:15 am

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